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TSG! has multiple bots, which are almost all in the: Discord Server

TSG! has multiple bots and a few which were discontinued, our main bot is Cassiopée_­(bot) ! We plan on expanding our bot's features as we go and even create new bots! You can check the Commands within our Commands page!

Current Bots


Cassiopée is TSG!'s Mascot and main bot! She can do many things, from talking with users via triggers, to raffling away things, to making Toony Licences personalised to each members! For a full list of features please visit: Cassiopée_(bot).

Cassiopée's Music Module_­(bot)

Cassiopée's Music Module is a bot specificly to run music in voice chats using Rhino bot's Music module which is hosted on our server. For a full list of features please visit: https://github.com/Just-Some-Bots/MusicBot .

Folfie's Expansion Module_­(bot)

Folfie's Expansion Module is a bot which adds a few new features to TSG! and was created a few months after Cassiopée_(bot) by our code wizard Folfie! For a full list of features please visit: Folfie's Expansion Module_­(bot).


The Patreon Bot is powered hosted and ran by Patreon, it helps us keep track of Patreon supporters and more. For a full list of features please visit: https://patreon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/213552323-How-do-I-set-up-Discord-roles-for-my-patrons- .

Defunct Bots


Gordroid was based on the same bot engine as Cassiopée 1.0 when said engine became obselete the bot no longer functionned, due to the low priority and little extra features it offered it was scraped as we moved into building Cassiopée 2.0. Gordroid was a "shitpost" bot which had various meme reactions and had icon and acted a bit like Gordon Ramsay, fully utilized by Kelveron, one of our staff members, to make the #memes_and_spam channel more meme-e! It was sadly discontinued but there may be hope for it in the future.

Cassiopée 2.0_­(bot)

Cassiopée 2.0's bot account was used to beta test a lot of features and things which were going to be implimented into Cassi in the future, for a short while we had both Cassiopée 1.0 and 2.0 running at the same time. Do note that when referencing to Cassiopée 2.0 we mean the bot update which was given to Cassiopée_(bot) after we fully upgraded Cassi into her 2.0 status we no longer needed the Cassiopée 2.0_(bot) account and thus discontinued usage of it.

TSG! Network_­(bot)

TSG! Network_(bot) was a bot which was suppose to be used as a connection between multiple servers to be able to make global updates and offer other features, upon the discontinuation of the TSG! Network Program we have let the bot dormant and currently have no plans for it, as we beleive we may simply use the planned: Cassiopée Lite_­(bot) bot for thoses features and more!

Planned Bots

Cassiopée Lite_­(bot)

Cassiopée Lite is a planned bot for Discord to be used on multiple servers and to offer features Cassiopée_(bot) offers within TSG! but to a lighter extent! We do plan to start the project in the coming year. For a full list of features please visit: Cassiopée Lite_­(bot).

Cassiopée Telegram Edition

We do plan on porting Cassiopée to Telegram eventually, although we have very little expertise in the matter, this project is simply in the pre-planning stages.

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These bots are part of our discord server: http://Discord.TheSquishGang.com .

Current Bots

| Cassiopée_­(bot) | Cassiopée's Music Module_­(bot) | Folfie's Expansion Module_­(bot) | Patreon_­(bot) |

Defuncted Bots

| GORDROID TSG!_­(bot) | Cassiopée 2.0_­(bot) | TSG! Network_­(bot) |

Planned Bots

| Cassiopée Lite_­(bot) | Cassiopée Telegram Edition |