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Flat plorse

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Flat plorse
"Paper Plorse Plane"
Trigger: Flat plorse
Active: Yes
Date of usage: 2017 to Present
Bot: Cassiopée_­(bot) , Cassi_Lite_­(bot)
Type: Trigger
Target: Staff
Idea: TSG!
For more info on what this means check: Command info

This page is a part of the category: Commands

For when you need to make a horse more aerodynamic!


To use Flat Plorse you should go to one of the Rp channels and write this anywhere within your message: Flat plorse The trigger will trigger a response from Cassiopée_­(bot) and will squish Ace

Here's the response from the command:

:Cassi: So you want our plorse flattened @Toon? Alright, give me a moment!
Cassi's paws come out of the ceiling grabbing @Ace Red Armor Hors and smushing him flat, using one of her fingers which she turns into a rolling pin, makes sure to flatten the plorse into a fine sheet, then grabs his corners and starts to fold him
:Cassi: This will only take a second @Toon! We want this plorse to be fly-worthy don't we?
After a bit more folding cassi now has in her paw a decently sized paper-@Ace Red Armor Hors-Airplane, which she throws into the room it glides all the way to @Toon
:Cassi: Here's the paper plorse plane you requested @Toon, Enjoy!

Do not spam the command or use this command too often outside of RP channels and general chat.

Flat plorse
is part of the category: Commands

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