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If you're new we recommend following this guide!

Welcome to TSG Wiki!

TSG! Wiki is the wiki where we will post all future full update information along with commands, bots, and other details! We will only catalogue updates after the release of this wiki. This main page includes all the info you need to join and become part of the community!

Links to our Various Social Media

First and Foremost, What is TSG!?

What is TSG! ? (Click it for full details!)

Tl;dr: TSG!(Acronym for: The Squish Gang!) is a collection of people sharing a common interest in toony tropes, the aim of TSG! is to make an inclusive community free of Drama for everyone to enjoy.

The Squish Gang! (TSG!) is a public community of toony enthusiasts who love Toony tropes! From: Flattening, Squishing, Inflating to inanimate TFs, species TFs, and more! You can RP, share videos and do loads more within the group's Discord! The group is free to enter to anyone who wishes to! The Discord server has custom Bots most notably Cassiopée_­(bot) aka Cassi. She’s a kind AI who helps run the place! She has unique Commands to interact with the toons of the group! TSG! also has multiple RP channels where toons can freely RP with other fellow toons. There's also a gaming channel to talk about games or plan gaming nights with friends, and there's even exclusive animations, event arts and FREE Art Raffles from our affiliated and in-house Artists(Who are paid by donations and non-comital)! We also offer events! Special times where exclusive, Cassiopée commands, raffles and much more are held!

How to Join?

So you've probably wanting to join or have tried joining but the process is a bit intimidating, here's how to get through!

Part 1: Joining The Server

When you join the server it is very important that your Discord account meets theses requirements:

  • Your account must have a verified email address;
  • Your account must be older then 5 minutes.
  • You must be 16+ of age.

If your account meets these requirements you'll be able to type in the #welcome-read-this-here channel. At this point read the message from Cassi! She'll gladly help you through the introduction!

Part 2: Role Selection

Early in the initiation Cassi will ask you about your server setting preferences, meaning roles you wish to have! If you simply want to join you can also skip this part anytime by typing: .done!

To have any of the roles follow the instructions given to you by Cassi!

Part 3: Read The Rules!

As the title implies, Cassi will give you the list of rules which you should read, after you've done so you'll need to type the secret command written within the rules to proceed.

Part 4: Welcome

Welcome! After that last step you'll be allowed within TSG! and Cassi will mention that you have joined in the #lounge channel! Although to maximize your enjoyement of the group here are a few tips!

  • Feel free to ask any questions to any staff member or the #help_suggestion channel!
  • Introduce yourself within: #introduce-yourself so we get to know you more!
  • Read the rules once more, to make sure you have the latest rules in mind!
  • Read the channel info for all the channels you'll be using often! Some have specific rules to them, but they tend to be fairly short and easy to remember!

That's all for the introduction! For more info look below into our multiple pages of info!

General Informations

Below you will find links to important sections of the website!

Menus for Fast Access!

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TSG! Updates are updates which happen within the discord server, this wiki and other TSG! services! (Only updates POST-August 2018 will be fully catalogued)

Main Updates

| TSG! Anniversary 2017 | Xmas Fixes 2017 | Information Update |

Event Updates

| Easter in TSG! 2017 | Summer event 2017 | Halloween event 2017 | Squishmas event 2017 | Valentines update 2018 | EASTER EGGSTRAVAGANZA 2018 | The Gaming Event Reignited! 2018 | Summer Event 2018 |

Main Page
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These commands are to be used on our discord server: .

Main Commands
.Commands Triggers

| ToonLicence | Mypins | Toonyhelp | Squishme | Buttslam | Wringme | Stretchme | Restoreme | Restoremysoul | Pooltoyme | Pancakeme | Meltme | Kneadme | Inflateme | Ballme | Changespecies | Music bot commands | Intro commands | .voice | .gaming | .arts | .artist | .gaming | .iam18+ | Dog | choice | 8ball | roll | ping |

| Dumb bot | Good dragon | Pets Cassi | Paps Cassi | Badabing | This world is made of | Urge to squish rising | A v ^ A v ^ | Thank you cassi | Squish cassi | Smart bot | Silly bot | Right, cassi? | Nice bot | Lovely bot | Love you Cassi | Like this bot | Marry me Cassi | Licks Cassi | Kiss Cassi | Kicks Cassi | Hugs bot | How are you Cassi | Hi Cassi | Doing well | Doing bad | This is dramatic | Cute bot | Cassi help | Boo! | Hide me, Cassi | I want to die | Cassi sucks | Cassi are you real | Vital signs, Cassi? | Sexy Cassi | Stiffy rising |

Defunct Commands

| No Commands as of yet. |

Patreon Exclusive Commands

| No steamroller here | Entertainment please | Supported you on patreon | Bugging me | Cassi has cute paws | Boulders are dangerous | Be art | Fit in a jar | I want to be cozier |

Other Personnal and Special Commands

| Calem pillow | Flat plorse | Parade time | Kelv maid | Cassi will clean | Need more art | Laminate that bird | Unny mentioned | Unfair Umbreon | Cake Arc | Paws on Don | Balled horse | Dollify Hodgepodge | Rj is smart |

Event Commands (May Be Added Later)

| Valentines commands | Easter commands | Summer commands | Halloween commands | Squishmas commands |

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These pages are about all official TSG! Projects and Services.


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