"The pins you currently have are:"
Trigger: .mypins
Active: Yes
Date of usage: 2018 to Present
Bot: Cassiopée_­(bot)
Type: Commands
Target: Talk
Idea: TSG!
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Mypins is a command used to show your owned pins. Pins are used as collectibles which you can put on your licence! You gain them in various ways, some by participating in an event, or doing a command which is time sensitive making a lot of pins exclusive to certain events!


To use .Toonyhelp you should go to the #Cassiopée_fun_channel and write this as the very first thing in your message: .mypins .

The command will trigger a response from Cassiopée_­(bot) who will simply show you your current pins!

Do not spam the command or use this command too often outside of RP channels and general chat.

All Pins

Currently we have various pins, some which are timed exclusive:



The hammer Pin is given to ALL members of TSG! this is the BASIC pin!
How to obtain?
Be a member of TSG!

Patreon Anvil


The Patreon Anvil Pin is a pin ONLY Patreon Supports can get!
How to obtain?
Be a Patreon Supporter of TSG! and type: .patreonpin

Paint Brush


The Paint Brush Pin is a pin ONLY In-House Artists can get!
How to obtain?
Become an in-house artist of TSG! and type: .dedicatedartistpin

2 Year Anniversary Cake


This pin is a temporary pin being given away to all members, they have until the end of the event to collect it, after which it will dissapear!
How to obtain?
Be a member of TSG! and type: .anniversarypin

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