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TSG! has many raffles including a monthly one!

TSG! Raffles

We have many raffles, although only one which happens every month, if any other raffle is held in the future this is where we will be documenting it!

TSG! Monthly Art Raffle!

Every 5th of each month, 4 winners shall be chosen, 2 regular members and 2 patreon supporters! You must be in TSG!'s Discord Server and be fairly active! The Winner gets a free drawing from one of our In-House/affiliated Artists! The art topic is chosen by the winners, but is at the artists's discretion! The art is minimum flat colored. All details will be discussed in PMs whenever the winners are chosen!

How to participate in the Monthly Art Raffle?


  • Be a member for more then a week;
  • Be active, have a conversation at least once a week;

You may be disqualified if you have 1 or more warnings within TSG!