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"Hope you enjoyed this nice little stretching!"
Trigger: .stretchme
Active: Yes
Date of usage: 2017 to Present
Bot: Cassiopée_­(bot) , Cassi_Lite_­(bot)
Type: Commands
Target: Self
Idea: TSG!
For more info on what this means check: Command info

This page is a part of the category: Commands

Stretchme was one of the original commands of Cassiopée_­(bot), and thus was added pretty early.

This command is one of the only to have randomised outcomes.


To use .Stretchme you should go to one of the Rp channels and write this as the very first thing in your message: .stretchme .

The command will trigger a response from Cassiopée_­(bot) and which will only affect the author.

Here's the response from the command:

***@Toon gets grabbed by both ends of their body by Cassiopée's metal claws and then given a nice Streeeeeeetch, leaving them like that for a few minutes so their increased height will stick!***
***@Toon's ["Midsection", "both body and limbs", "body"] is now ["twice as long", "three times as long", "four times longer", "incredibly extended"] . Cassiopée throws the elongated toon back into the room!***
:Cassi: Hope you enjoyed this nice little stretching @Toon

Do not spam the command or use this command too often outside of RP channels and general chat.


  • This command was very early in Cassi's developpement, stretching being one of the main Toony antics possible!
  • The command used to be much longer but was cut shorter as it got updated and had random elements introduced to it!
  • There's 81 possible outcomes using .stretchme!
  • The command got an updated look to fit with the newer Cassiopée_­(bot) 2.0 standardized command format.

is part of the category: Commands

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