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This page is about TSG! as a whole, including the discord server, websites and more! This page is outdated it can still be used as reference but for more detailed and up to date info please ask Arcaxon#0059 on Discord!

TSG!(Acronym for: The Squish Gang!) is a collection of people sharing a common interest in toony tropes, the aim of TSG! is to make an inclusive community free of Drama for everyone to enjoy.

The Squish Gang! (TSG!) is a public community of toony enthusiasts who love Toony tropes! From: Flattening, Squishing, Inflating to inanimate TFs, species TFs, and more! You can RP, share videos and do loads more within the group's Discord! The group is free to enter to anyone who wishes to! The Discord server has custom Bots most notably Cassiopée_­(bot) aka Cassi. She’s a kind AI who helps run the place! She has unique Commands to interact with the toons of the group! TSG! also has multiple RP channels where toons can freely RP with other fellow toons. There's also a gaming channel to talk about games or plan gaming nights with friends, and there's even exclusive animations, event arts and FREE Art Raffles from our affiliated and in-house Artists(Who are paid by donations and non-comital)! We also offer events! Special times where exclusive commissions, Cassiopée commands, contests, raffles and much more are held!

Where to Access the Community?

To join TSG!'s community join the Discord group using any of these links: http://Discord.TheSquishGang.com or https://discord.gg/bUtbUVK

TSG!'s community is public and free to join by everyone, although make sure to follow the Rules , upon joining Cassi should explain them to you.

What The Squish Gang! is

TSG! is a collection of people sharing a common interest in toony tropes, the aim of TSG! is to make an inclusive community free of Drama for everyone to enjoy.

TSG! is run by a team of volunteers who dedicate their time working on new events, projects, commands, arts. While also moderating and keeping the group running smoothly.

What The Squish Gang! is not

Is not a Hierachy Group

No one is forced to "serve" or give services or any type of digital or real world media or goods of any kind to be included. You may partake in conversations freely without fear of getting banned for your opinion or any non-rule breaking actions.
Any and all staff members and in-house artists are volunteers and are free to quit the team at any time for any reason.
Any and all members of TSG! are in TSG! of their own accord and may leave at any time without fear of persecution.

Is not a Place to Talk About Politics

Any and all politics and religious debates are banned topics within TSG! Politics relating to real life or of digital community related ones are not allowed.

Is not a Place to "Expose" People who Have Done you Wrong

Meaning you should NOT talk publicly about any issues instead report it to staff!
If anyone within TSG! has wronged or abused you within the group, you should talk to a staff member or report it here: http://Feedback.TheSquishGang.com .
If someone has committed illegal activities such as: Art Theft, Scamming, Death Threats or any others activities of the sort within or outside of TSG! you may report them to TSG! staff.


Where does the Money go?

  • Art Raffles - Raffles made by our in-house Artists which everyone who are currently active in the group can join;
  • Event Art - some of the money goes to paying the in-house artists who draw the event art;
  • Maintaining Websites such as this wiki, maintaining any other TSG_Projects, and hosting/maintaining Bots such as Cassiopée_(bot);
  • The rest goes to Arcaxonia's Funds which help pay for all projects part of them.

Where to Donate?

You can donate using: https://www.patreon.com/TheSquishGang
Or using: http://paypal.me/TheSquishGang/5USD

TSG! Endorsements

TSG! Endorses The EFF

We support digital freedom: free expression, security, privacy, creativity, and access to knowledge.

We Support Prevent Cancer Foundation(PCF)

In 2018 TSG! Donated 118.50$ USD to PCF via ADGQ(Awesome Games Done Quick). https://gamesdonequick.com/tracker/donor/370067/agdq2018?comments

We Support Doctors Without Borders(MSF)

In 2018 We donated: 25$USD to MSF via SDGQ(Summer Games Done Quick) https://gamesdonequick.com/tracker/donor/370067/sgdq2018?comments

TSG! Partnerships

If you own a group or service, you can partner up with TSG! and get access to some of our content and a unique bot called: Cassi_Lite_­(bot), a lighter version of Cassiopée.

Groups and services with a certain amount of members or of utility/usage can ask for affiliation! You can learn more about it here: Partnerships

You can also become an in-house artist or Affiliated artist althought these are different.

Other TSG! Projects

TSG! has various other platforms and projects! Here's a quick list of them with a short description!

TSG! Projects

Collection of all official TSG! projects like this wiki and the main TSG! website.
Learn more here: TSG_Projects

TSG! Network

TSG's Affiliate program for other groups and services which are Toony!
Learn more here: TSG_Network

TSG! on Social Media

TSG! has multiple Social media accounts here's a list of our current active accounts.

TSG!'s History

TSG! has a long history since it's founding back in August 2016. You can learn more about TSG!'s history here: History.

Questions? Want to Contact Staff?

Feel free to send an email to: contact@thesquishgang.com

Or send a message to the owner on Telegram or Discord by joining TSG!: https://discord.gg/bUtbUVK

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These pages are about all official TSG! Projects and Services.


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