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This page is only related to the TSG! Wiki and not TSG! see TSG!'s page for info!

Welcome to TSG! Wiki This wiki purpose is to document TSG! Commands and Triggers, Cassiopée_(character), Events and other things related to TSG!

All textual content of TheSquishGang.info is licensed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0), except for pages that explicitly state that their contents are different.

Why Does TSG! Need a Wiki?

The wiki is here to keep track of Commands, past Events and defunct Commands/Triggers, Bots, and explain more about the world within the server. TSG! is mainly a Discord server community.


We will be using this wiki to keep track of all commands/triggers thus the Commands Page will include all Commands/Triggers for the TSG! Discord server.


TSG! creates many Events every year and they mostly vary from year to year. one of the Wiki's purpose is to catalogue all past and current Events within TSG!


Cassiopée_­(character) is TSG!'s Mascot and Discord Bot, all information about the Cassiopée_­(character) and Cassiopée_­(bot) are held separate.

What TheSquishGang.info is

TheSquishGang.info is for the documentation of the TSG! Discord Server and other related TSG! projects.

The wiki is here to keep track of Commands, past Events, defunct Commands/Triggers, Bots, and explain more about TSG! as a whole. TSG! is mainly a Discord server community.

  • Main_Page is the page you should look into as a reader, all links needed to use the wiki are there.
  • Special:UserLogin is only needed for admins of the wiki and no one else, making an account is not required to access the wiki.

This wiki's language is English, there is no other posts in other languages. In the future, if demand is strong enough, translation could be added.

What TheSquishGang.info is not

TheSquishGang.info is not TheSquishGang.com

TheSquishGang.info is to document information about TSG! while TheSquishGang.com is the proper website linking to the TSG! discord server and other services.

TheSquishGang.info is not a forum or a chatroom

If you wish to message others or discuss topics related to Toony shenanigans visit our discord: http://discord.TheSquishGang.com . This wiki is only to document and not used as a social platform.

TheSquishGang.info history

The first edit in the current wiki on this site happened in January 2018. All the content still is and, of course, will be work in progress. For more about TSG!'s History see History.

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These pages are used only in the context of this website and do not make reference to the TSG! Server or other websites, services or affiliates.


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