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"Here you go!"
Trigger: provide me with my card
Active: Yes
Date of usage: 2018 to Present
Bot: Cassiopée_­(bot)
Type: Commands
Target: Talk
Idea: TSG!
For more info on what this means check: Command info

This page is a part of the category: Commands

The Toony Licence is a feature of Cassiopée 2.0 which allows her to make custom Licences for every member of TSG! You can fully customize your licence using the commands below and then asking Cassi for your card!


This licence shows various information, from your name, UserID, Member type, Level Rank, Level, Pin and your set-able information: Sex, Species, Squish Type, Height, Total Pins, prefered Pin, and Catchphrase! Feel free to share your licence anywhere you wish!


To get the RAW Licence with nothing edited you must write: Provide me with my card anywhere in chat (preferably within #Cassiopée_Fun_Channel).

The command will return yoru own personal Toony Licence!

Setting Up Your Licence

You can setup your licence by using the .updatecard command followed by what to update, here's all the settigns below.

Do Note: Text in <> are simply means to convey that that is where normally you would input the info, DO NOT ADD THE <> WHEN RUNNING THE COMMAND!

.updatecard squishtype <Squishee, Squisher or Squitch>

To update your "Squish Type" use this command, you can only set it to one of 3 options being: Squishee, Squisher or Squitch!

Squishee means you prefer being squished by others or only squished. Squisher means you prefer squishing others or just squish others and Squitch is for switches, meaning for people who like squishing and being the squishee equally!

.updatecard sex <Your Sex>

To update your sex use this command, it can be set to anything as long as you don't go over the character limit.

.updatecard height <Your Height>

To update your height use this command, it can be set to anything as long as you don't go over the character limit. However, we recommend this format: 0.0m or 00'

.updatecard speciality <Your Speciality>

To update your speciality use this command, it can be set to anything as long as you don't go over the character limit. Speciality refers to what you're good at Toon wise!

.updatecard catchphrase <Your Catch Phrase>

To update your catchphrase use this command, it can be set to anything as long as you don't go over the character limit.

.updatecard species <Your Species>

To update your species use this command, it can be set to anything as long as you don't go over the character limit.

.updatecard pin <The Number of The Pin>

To update your pins use this command, this command is slightly different then the rest.

To update which pin to display on your profile simply type: .updatecard pin <Number of the Pin> ! To see which pins you have type: .mypins The pin's number should be to the left of it's name!

To gain more pins or have more info about pins check: Mypins

After All That Setting up it's Time to Get Your Updated Licence!

Now that you have entered the info you wanted to, type: provide me with my card and you should now receive your new and shiny Licence! You may edit it at any time using the commands above!

is part of the category: Commands

These commands are to be used on our discord server: http://Discord.TheSquishGang.com .

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