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TSG! has had multiple updates in the past, most update fit in either "Event update" or "Main Update" which are both different but both add to TSG!. Updates are necessary to keep adding new content and fixing issues within the server, updates can also include updates and changes to other services such as the TSG! Wiki!

Event Updates

Event updates are updates like: Valentines update 2018 and Halloween update 2017. These updates offer temporary seasonal content to TSG! which always offer temporary Commands and Event Art. It sometimes may also offer, exclusive commissions, contests, CYOSs(Choose Your Own Story), and raffles/giveaways.

These are normally to celebrate a holiday or season and happen on average every 2 months or so.

Main Updates

These updates are updates which mostly change the Discord Server and Bots, most time introducing, changing or deleting channels, commands, rules, informations, fixes, and/or features. These updates tend to be mostly administrative in nature and thus tend to not add much in terms of commands or activities. These updates are necessary to keep the server up to date with the current demand and feedback from the community, being able to change to reflect our community is something important to us and we listen to all the feedback we receive.

How to know when an update is applied?

Updates are announced in the #Announcement channel when they go live, Patreon supporters get early sneak peaks at updates too. The announcement will also include a link to it's update page! Not to worry though, you will be able to read about the important features of an update in the announcement itself!

Below is Our List Of Updates

The menu right below this message contains all our updates, and below the menu are all pages tagged with Updates.

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TSG! Updates are updates which happen within the discord server, this wiki and other TSG! services! (Only updates POST-August 2018 will be fully catalogued)

Main Updates

| TSG! Anniversary 2017 | Xmas Fixes 2017 | Information Update |

Event Updates

| Easter in TSG! 2017 | Summer event 2017 | Halloween event 2017 | Squishmas event 2017 | Valentines update 2018 | EASTER EGGSTRAVAGANZA 2018 | The Gaming Event Reignited! 2018 | Summer Event 2018 |

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